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The Moorea Car Rental Guide

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Moorea is an island in the South Pacific, part of the Archipelago of the French Polynesia Society Islands. It is known for its jagged sandy beaches and volcanic mountains. Peak Rotui in the north overlooks the picturesque Pūnohu Bay and Cook's Bay settlements. On the slopes of Mount Tohivea, inland hiking trails pass through rainforest. The Belvedere Lookout has a panoramic view over the peaks of the island.

Well-known for its pineapple plantations of great quality, Moorea, like Tahiti, is full of magnificent landscapes and lush vegetation, spectacular rivers and waterfalls as the Afareitu 80-meter-high one. Mount Rotui is renowned for its pineapple plantations which are easily reachable.

As a temple, Moorea rises slowly from the water. High, sharp, inspiring green spires with clouds crowning them. Poetic waterfall threads slide down fern-softened cliffs. Peaceful meadows flanked by emerald green pinnacles will renew your trust in Nature's majesty.

Moorea's sparkling blue lagoon will bring the idyll of your South Seas dreams to reality. Pastel-painted homes, surrounded by hibiscus gardens and paradise birds, circle the island in a very string of happy, comfortable villages that can elevate your senses and remind you that this can be life's character. La vie heureuse can be a happy life in Tahiti, as they say.

You will sample and explore authentic local finds during your food tour, which will deliver special tastes where local people like to eat. Tahiti food is composed of three cultures: Tahitian, Chinese, and French. On the Tama'a tour we will be searching for secret gems of food from all three of these backgrounds.

We are going to taste a range of food and drinks such as local seasonal fruits, casse-croute, fish dishes, pai, map, and other tasty local snacks from the three cultures that make up today's French Polynesia. Moorea Food Adventures provides a rare viewpoint on local food.

Experience delicious food everywhere on Moorea Island that will delight your taste buds and immerse yourself in a true culinary experience of culture. This tour will take you off the beaten path to sample local food from local vendors, cafés, stands and businesses. Our culinary journey will not only provide you with a tour of our beautiful islands but also a taste of cultural diversity

Large-scale resort complexes occupy a large part of the coastal area of the island, each of which has its own private beach. Just two public beaches are available for all travelers on Moorea. Temae Beach is the most common location, originating near the airport. The coastline is dominated by white sand, which makes the water look dark turquoise

Beach enthusiasts will certainly enjoy snorkeling, as it is very fun and fascinating to explore the local underwater world. Temae Beach show on the map The Temae Beach Photo Gallery does not feature first-class equipment, so comfort fans need to take all the necessary accessories for a relaxing break. It is recommended that special shoes be worn for safety reasons.

Moorea is far more laid back than its two stunning neighbors and thus retains the distinction of being the best tropical holiday destination! It is assumed that this island is the most beautiful place on earth, which many identify as.

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