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French Polynesia Holiday

The French Polynesia is a French republic country overseas. It comprises of a group of island called the Polynesian islands. The most famous of these islands is Tahiti. There are at least 130 islands. There are over 50 airports in French Polynesia with Faaa international airport being the lone international airport in the island. Air Tahiti is the chief airline which flies to all the islands in French Polynesia. The capital city of the French Polynesia is Papeete and is located in Tahiti.

French Polynesia entry requirements 

When traveling to the French Polynesia, mostly you are required to have a valid passport without visas to enter the island for a stay not longer than 90 days. In case you wish to extend your stay, you require making necessary arrangement with the embassy. However, this is for citizens of countries such as Argentina, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Montenegro, Uruguay and many more. European Union nationals will only require producing a valid passport to enter regardless of their length of stay.  There are other states that will require a passport and visa to enter French Polynesia.

Once you arrive at the airport, you are required to collect your luggage and go through custom checks as well as recheck at the counters offering domestic flights which are only 50m from the area where international arrivals are received.

Hotels in the French Polynesia

There are a lot of hotels and resorts in the French Polynesia that are scattered in the various islands. Some of these hotels and resorts include the Bora Bora pearl beach resort, the intercontinental resort and spa in the city of Moorea, the Manihi pearl beach resort, the Raiatea Hawaiki Nui hotel among others.

Moving around the French Polynesia

Once you are done with your check in requirements, you require a mode of transportation to get you to your hotel. There are several ways you can move around the French Polynesia Island. These modes of transportation include:

  • Car hire- car rental happens to be the best means of transport around the area. This allows you to tour as many places as you want and more so operate on your schedule.
  • Buses – the French Polynesia does not have a bus network, local buses are available to serve various islands like the Tahiti and Bora Bora. The buses have no specific terminals and they pass through the islands every 30 minutes.
  • Ferry – you can also opt to travel through the islands on Ferris. There are several ferries available on the various islands and they normally leave the various islands on stipulated times at the stations. Most of them are available from Monday through to Friday.
  • Taxis – there are taxis which offer their services on the islands. The taxis are quite expensive with a four hour journey costing close to $200. This four hour journey will cover an island like the Tahiti Island.

 Rent a car in the French Polynesia

When touring the French Polynesia, using the various modes of transportation can be quite inconvenient as you have to wait for the buses every thirty minutes while the ferries are not available on weekends. The best way to tour French Polynesia is by car rental. When you rent a car in French Polynesia, you are guaranteed to visit various destinations such as volcanoes, the waterfall lagoons and the white sand beaches at your own convenience. It is possible to get cheap car hire agencies in the French Polynesia; you will actually find it cheaper in the long run as compared to the amount of fare you would have spent on other means of transportation. Make use of cheap car hire services and explore the amazing islands at your own pleasure.

The French Polynesia Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in French Polynesia to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in French Polynesia. This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in French Polynesia. In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in French Polynesia while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

We offer the following French Polynesia car rental locations

    • Bora Bora Motu-mute Airport
    • Haapiti Moorea Airport
    • Huahine Airport
    • Papeete Tahiti Faa A Airport

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